Sutthern Uhhiyuh

So the hubby and I are in Pigeon Forge for vacation (yay), and if you’ve ever been to Tennessee then you know that they have a very distinctive twang. The thing is, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to slip into my old twang.

What’s funny is that I forgot that I used to have a twang.

When I first started college and people would ask me where I was from my answer was always the same “Southern Ohio”. Except I pronounced it sutthern uhhiyuh”. Then people would ask about the twang. I ended up modifying my introductory statement to “Southern Ohio, where we pronounce ‘oil’ as “ohl'”.  Over time I taught myself to lose–and apparently forget–my twang. But now, here in Tennessee where we are surrounded by people who have a more exaggerated version of my old twang, I have found myself fighting to keep from slipping back into it.

Part of me wants to fight it because I feel embarrassed. In college I always felt embarrassed by my twang. I think I was worried about being viewed as ‘uneducated’ because of my accent. Honestly, I think a big part of that was that I was very insecure about myself. I was telling Robby about how I’ve been fighting against the twang, and I realized he didn’t even know that I used to have a little bit of an accent (oops).

The other part of me doesn’t think that slipping back into my twang for a week is that big of a deal. I’m sure that the twang will fade again once we get home, and it will be easier to just accept that I may slip into it and not really worry about it. It would bother me if Jeff or Wally or someone teased me about the twang, but I can just explain how I trained it out of myself but I slip into it every once in a while. I remember in college my friends could tell when I was getting tired because I slipped into the twang.

It’s funny to think about how I changed how I spoke simply because I was so insecure. Now I’m much more secure. I won’t say that I am super self-confident or anything like that, but I think I’m okay with letting go of some of my old insecurities. Huh, it’s funny to realize that I’ve grown.


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