I feel like if I rub at it,

Scrub at it

Make it bleed

This poison will come out of me

If I can feel the pain,

The hurt,

The rage,

The fear

I can choose when to cry my tears


This wound inside of me, this thing that won’t let me breathe

I want to pull it from my brain,

Rip it up like a child’s note and

Shove those words back down his throat

That wasn’t love you showed me

That was Pain

And Hurt

And just plain Wrong

And that’s not what made me strong

My strength is Me

My Choice

My Voice in this, to keep my head above the sand


But I don’t know which way is up, it’s like I’m fighting


In a cloud of dust for

Hope and

Light I still can’t find

Just pull it from my mind. Lock it up and throw the key

So it can’t keep its hold on me

But every box I put it in just makes the problem grow

Til it crashes down on me again

And I Push

And I Fight

Someday I will win this fight



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