When It Rains, It Pours

Last week I applied for a job.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a job opening for an Enrichment Program Coordinator. Basically, this person creates and executes after school programs that are fun and educational but not ‘child-care’.

It sounds amazing.

I applied to the job assuming I would never hear from them. I don’t have a B.A. in Education, but one in Biology. I do have some experience planning children’s programs because I have been the VBS Director at our church for 2 years and I help with Sunday School, but that’s about the only experience I have.

To my surprise, they actually emailed me back yesterday and they want to interview me on March 20th. I’m super excited about the idea of this job, but I have next to no information. This is the sort of thing I want to do. I want to create programs that help change childrens’ lives. But I still might not get the job.

Today, a different friend (Bronwyn) sent me a message saying that a friend of hers is looking for a nanny. I talked to the friend (Sara) and we are going to meet Thursday afternoon to discuss the job further. To start, I would be watching their 6 month old, and then in the summer I would be caring for their 2 older daughters as well.

I am so happy that I seem to be in a “When it rains, it pours” situation, as Bronwyn called it when I told her I had an interview and now this nanny opportunity. I’ve been praying the “Bronwyn Prayer” for guidance.

Side Note: At GIRL Time, we were talking about prayer, and Bronwyn said that when she is struggling with a decision she prays the same prayer. Basically, she asks God to open doors that need opened, close doors that need closed, and to turn on the light to illuminate the door she is meant to go through because (as she put it) she’s a little dense and needs the help.

And I know that I can’t control what happens, and I am (trying to be) okay with that. I know I can’t control the future, and I can only do the best I can and things will happen the way they happen. I have thought about the situation and decided a few things though

  1. I want the Program Coordinator job more than the nanny job
  2. I don’t want to turn down the nanny job if they offer it based solely on the chance that I might get the Program Coordinator job
  3. I am going to tell Sara the truth about the Program Coordinator job and the fact that I am still considering it

I am really hoping that I can tell Sara about the Program Coordinator job interview and she will still want to hire me, and if I get the PC job then great, I can just be a sort of short-term nanny for them, and if I don’t then I will stay on with the kids as their nanny. I feel like that is a lot to ask though, but I will never know unless I ask.

I do wish I had more information on the PC job. I don’t know the hours, pay, or duties. There are just so many unknowns. I really feel like it could be a wonderful place for me, but like I said, I don’t want to turn down the nanny job if they offer it to me because the PC job isn’t a sure thing.

Also, it’s odd to think that in a week I have gone from thinking ‘I don’t know if I’m ready for a job at all’ to this point. It’s almost more ‘where would I be happiest’ not ‘what am I getting myself into’.

Well, when it rains, it pours.


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