But At Least

The idea for the post It Must Be Nice had been bouncing around in my head for a while now.  Rob and I have so many student loans, and with me having been unable to work because of my PTSD, we have really been struggling financially. Now my insurance is changing because I am turning 26 and we have to pay for it out-of-pocket.  between all of that, we are starting to drown under bills. Today we got the ER bill for when Rob was going through his migraines (I can’t remember if I wrote about that or not) and it is $913.92 and that really shook me up. So I wrote It Must Be Nice.

But I have so much. So I am writing this post as a celebration of the good things in my life.


It must be nice to not always have to worry about money.

But at least we are lucky enough to have work that pays

To not have to budget every single penny.

and we have enough pennies, even if it’s a struggle.

To not have to put back items in your grocery cart because you can’t afford them.

But at least we never go hungry

To not have to put off buying things you really need, or replacing things that really need replaced, simply because you can’t afford it.

and if we are really in need, we have family we can turn to for help.

To not have to underplay how desperate your money situation has gotten.

But at least we have enough.

To be able to be the one who pays when you go out to lunch with your friend.

But at least I have loving friends who understand and are willing to treat

To  be able to give the gifts you want to give to the people you love the most.

and appreciate the creative handmade gifts we give, and know that we love them with all our hearts.

To have the funds to donate to the causes that pull at your heart.

And at least we can donate our time to those causes

To have the money to help others.

and money will never stop us from helping others.



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