Lots of Changes

Boy do we have a lot of changes coming up. And I’m just trying to figure out how I feel about them all. They’re all good changes, they’re just a lot of changes.

Rob got offered a job (yay) with a little bit of a raise (double yay), and he is really looking forward to it. I am so happy for him, but it’s 3rd shift and that’s going to take some getting used to.

So we got that news around the 23rd and then on the 29th T*** called, and they decided not to fill the position I had 2 interviews for. I called and spoke to the Director, and she was really nice about it. Basically, the board decided to do away with the position over the objections of the Director (Melissa), but Melissa hopes that they will reinstate the position in January, and she will keep me in mind.

And then yesterday, Melissa (T***) called and asked if I could fill in for one of her teachers this summer, so now I have a job too (yay). But now I’m very overwhelmed with the thought that all these changes are happening in the next few weeks (although technically Rob will be training on 1st shift, but the hours will be different than what he works now) and I’m trying to sort my head out and keep myself calm.

So I guess that I will just have to Lawyer myself, so here goes.

Fear: I’m afraid of starting a new job.

Lawyer: I know how to do this job. It’s basically what I’ve been doing all along at church (childcare and enrichment) but this time I’m going to get paid. It will be different kids and different hours, but I get to spend my time hanging around with kids. I even get to go on fieldtrips! That’s freaking awesome!!!

Fear: Adjusting to new hours

Lawyer: This isn’t the first time my schedule has changed. In college it changed all the time. Yes, it has been a while since we have gone through a big shift like this. But our relationship is stronger than it has ever been, and I know we can do this. It will take some adjusting and we will have to figure things out as we go, but having a strong relationship can only help.

Fear: Our relationship weakening due to lack of time together

Lawyer: Well, at first we will be working roughly the same hours. Laura: 6am-noon, Robby:7am-3pm so we won’t really be losing any time. Then, once Robby goes to 3rd shift, we will lose the morning hours, but we will still have the evening and weekends. Plus, with 2 incomes we should be able to actually afford to have Date Nights. Also, Melissa wants to keep me on once the lady I’m replacing comes back, and she said she would put me on slightly later hours, so maybe we could get our mornings back.

Other than that, the only things I’m slightly worried about are within my control. I can buy clothes so that I stay cool and ask for help when I have questions. We are already going shopping on Friday for new work clothes for Robby, so I can get some things for me as well so I feel prepared for my new job.

Lawyering myself really does help. I would highly suggest it to anyone who is struggling with anxiety.