Why I Write

Abuse is a secret burden that we victims place upon ourselves through our silence. “Things I Need to Say” is my way of breaking that silence. I am not looking to blame anyone or preach, simply to share my struggles, triumphs, laughter and tears. I pray that you find something in my words that you can use to help yourself or someone you know who is suffering in silence.  My writing is not all doom and gloom, not all about the abuse, it is just my way of learning to find my voice.

One thought on “Why I Write

  1. Laura:
    You asked about getting your book published. I can only tell you about my experiences. My first book was published by Southern Illinois University Press. The editing process was great. Very professional looking book. But the process took two years, and I received very little marketing help. Second book was published by Chipmunka Publishing Co. Very little editing, and little marketing help. They are a mental health publisher out of London. It’s similar to selfpublishing except that you don’t pay any money. This time I thought I would try something new. I went with Xlibris, a self publishing company. I paid money for marketing help. It’s too earlier to make an evaluation. I went self publishing in part because of my age. I’m 70 and don’t feel that I have a lot of time to go through the publisher search, the rejections, etc… I wanted the book out in a hurry, and that has worked. Now I’m trying to build up a social media platform to promote my new book. I’m working with a college senior in Public Relations. He’s showing me the ins and outs of social media. We’ll see how this works out. The main thing to remember through the whole process is the journey of writing your book. It can be a real healing process. Hope this helps. Larry


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