Who I am

My name is Laura.

I am 26 years old, have 2 cats (Gus and Amelia), and one husband (Robert).

When I was in first grade my ‘boyfriend’ sexually molested me on several occasions.

When I was in 2nd grade I told my parents what had happened. They in turn notified the school to take appropriate action. The next day, I went to school and my abuser had told all the other kids that I had lied. That I wanted to get him into trouble for “dumping” me the previous year.

They believed him.

When I was 20 I met the man who would become my husband. Something inside me knew that I needed to try and trust him, so I contacted a therapist and started therapy. When I told Robby about my past and that I wasn’t ready for a relationship he simply said “That’s okay, I’ll wait”

And he did

Over the years we have had trials and triumphs, wins and losses. We have fought each other, addictions, and mental disorders. We have grown closer than I could ever have imagined possible. We have been there for each other, even at times when we didn’t like each other, and are still in love and still invested 5 years into our relationship.


I would love to hear from you. Please comment!

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