For Jamie

Three years ago you went to Heaven, and though we know you’ve known nothing but joy there we miss you so much. Mommy and Daddy wish you could have stayed with us, but since you couldn’t, here is what we wish instead:

That Grandpa George sings you the song that was Mommy’s lullaby as a little girl.

That Mommy’s first dog is your first dog, and that he kisses your face just like he used to kiss hers.

That Daddy’s Aunt tells you stories about when Daddy was a little boy, and about your Grandma and Grandpa who wanted to meet you so much.

That Mommy’s friend Rhonda tells you how much you mean to Mommy and Daddy and how we can’t wait to meet you. And that she gives you big hugs, because she gave the best hugs.

That Ann and Everett hold your hands when you walk between them.

That Daddy’s Grandparents hold you in their arms like they never got to hold Daddy.

That Grandpa Bob tells you silly jokes and stories and makes funny faces until you laugh.

That Daddy’s kitty sits in your lap and lets you pet him. Even though he only really liked your Daddy, we’re sure he’ll love you.

That every year you are loved more and more as more of our friends and family and pets come to Heaven and surround you with love.

That Mommy and Daddy will get to hold you and kiss your little cheeks one day, when we are all together in Heaven.

We love you Jamie.